Iron County Medical Center Auxiliary

Each day at Iron County Medical Center, our volunteers are a group of dedicated people who play a vital role in the healing process of our patients.  These special people freely offer their time in order to help others.  They provide many extra services that allow our staff to focus on patient care.

Iron County Medical Center Auxiliary is a diverse group of volunteers with something very important in common:  a deep love and concern for patient care.  Team spirit, camaraderie, and fun can be found throughout the facility. 

Anyone who would like to become a member should contact the Iron County Medical Center for an application.

Memorial Bricks

With the cooperation of the Iron County Hospital Committee, the bricks will be placed in an area around the Hospital that has been designated as a Memory Garden.  You can print out and application below.

Memorial Brick Order Form

Notable projects completed by the ICMC Auxiliary

  • Sponsored the creation of the healing garden
  • Paid for mammograms of uninsured patients
  • Donated patient bedside dry erase boards
  • Donated to the Safe Sitter program
  • Donated Security Cameras
  • Donated a television and chair for the infusion room
Healing Garden

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Our Mission

We, the members of ICMC Auxiliary, are committed to assist the Iron County Medical Center in every way possible so that the hospital may offer the very best patient care to the residents of Iron County and the surrounding areas.  We will do this by volunteering our time to staff members in assistance of patient care, raising funds to purchase needed equipment, etc for the hospital.  We are also committed to assist in any other way requested by the Medical Center/Administration.