Our Mission, Vision & Ethics

Our Mission, Vision & Ethics

Iron County Medical Center Mission Statement

At Iron County Medical Center, the patient ALWAYS comes first, and our dedicated staff is committed to providing quality, compassionate care close to home.

Iron County Medical Center Strategic Vision

Iron County Medical Center is committed to setting the standard of excellence in critical access healthcare based on a ‘patient ALWAYS comes first’ philosophy. Through dedicated teamwork, strong leadership, targeted growth, and increased profitability, we will create a medical center that will be the healthcare delivery system of choice for patients, physicians and employees, thus achieving the highest level of compassionate, quality care close to home.

Our Ethics

At Iron County Medical Center we will strive to be fair, sensitive, respectful, honest, trusting and trustworthy in all of our dealings amongst ourselves, with patients, with customers, with vendors, and with the community at large. We will obey all laws, in fact and in spirit, and we will always endeavor to do the right thing in every situation to the best of our abilities. And if we fail, we will do whatever is required to make amends.