Physical Therapist Assistant, FT

Related Experience:

  • Must have a GED or high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Current state of Missouri license though the Board of Healing Arts from an accredited institution.
  • Exceptional knowledge of principles and practices of physical therapy
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work and collaborate with diverse patients and medical professionals.
  • Prefer minimum two years’ experience in Physical Therapy Assistant field.


  • Coordinate with staff Physical Therapist(s) and other medical providers to develop physical therapy treatment plans in consultation with physicians or by prescription.
  • Educate patients and family by teaching them new ways to approach tasks and break down activities into achievable components.
  • Secure patients into or onto therapy equipment
  • Document findings and administer treatments to better assess patient response to treatment and other relevant information.
  • Evaluate the results of physical therapy by observing, noting, and evaluating patient’s progress.
  • To maintain a patient treatment schedule consistent with the needs of the department.
  • Prepare equipment for patient treatments as requested by the Physical/Occupational Therapist to perform his or her professional duties.
  • Performs housekeeping duties of the department by routine and periodic cleaning; to maintain order and cleanliness throughout the department Performed daily.
  • Other related duties as required and assigned by Therapy Services Director