Message of Hope for Iron County

I want to take a moment to share some positives during these unprecedented and challenging times. Iron County Medical Center (ICMC) has seen its fair share of ups and downs and so far, the result of COVID19 has been a severe reduction in visits to both our hospital and our rural health clinic. While this has stretched our financial limits beyond anything I could have imagined, I am pleased to share that our concerns are being heard and addressed at the State and Federal levels. We are not alone in our plight as virtually all rural hospitals are seeing unprecedented reductions in both outpatient and inpatient volumes, the national average is between 40% and 60% reduction for rural hospitals and clinics. By raising the alarm with our Governor and State Representative as well as with our Congressmen we have seen bipartisan support to save rural healthcare. ICMC was able to apply for and received the SBA PPP loan (Small Business Payroll Protection Program). This loan is forgivable when we use it to pay for payroll expenses. We also received and are set to receive additional funds from the $100 billion that was earmarked for healthcare from the massive $2.2 trillion stimulus package. Our State Medicaid program, MO HealthNet, also freed up funds and expedited them to us to help keep our doors open. What this means for ICMC is that we are doing OK, we are weathering the COVID19 storm and remain here and open to serve your needs with high quality compassionate care close to home. The challenges of COVID19 are not over and will likely be around for a long time to come. Together we can ensure ongoing access to quality care you need.

Please understand that we are still able to meet your healthcare needs and can do so safely. All patients, staff, and limited visitors are being appropriately screened upon entry to the building and everyone is provided a mask to wear during their stay to protect themselves and others. We are following the ever-changing guidance issued by the CDC to implement best practices and ensure the delivery of safe, quality care. It remains as important as ever to get your healthcare needs taken care of as they arise, especially if you are experiencing signs of stroke, chest pain or other emergency medical conditions. I also encourage everyone to continue seeing their providers for their routine healthcare needs.

​Thank you for your ongoing support of ICMC. We are here for you and we exist to meet your healthcare needs.

Call us if you have ANY questions about seeking care and your safety in doing so during this time.


Joshua Gilmore

ICMC Board Members

  • William Thompson – President

  • Norma Owens – Vice President

  • Randy Matthiesen – Secretary/Treasurer

  • Gay Miller – Member

  • Brian Parker – Member

  • Eddie Kelley – Member

Executive Team