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Dr. Zia Ahmad - Cardiologist - Iron County Medical Center

Growing up in a family of engineers and civil servants, Dr Zia Ahmad had an ER visit as young child after an injury while playing with his friends. After his brief interaction he felt better and was on his way home, The skill, caring and kindness of the ER doctor left an indelible impression on the young mind of Dr. Ahmad. Although he grew up in a family of engineers and civil servants with all his four brothers and father being in different fields of engineering, he decided on a different career path at that early age.

Dr. Ahmad completed his Pre Med studies at D.J. Science College and graduated from Dow Medical College, Karachi Pakistan in 1982 with his medical degree. He moved to the United States for further training and education. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at University of Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky in 1990. He did his Fellowship in Cardiology at Wake Forest University Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston-Salem North Carolina from 1990-1993. He joined VA Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina (1993-1996) and served as Chief of Cardiology Section in Department of Medicine.

Dr. Ahmad moved to St. Louis in 1996 and has been in practice since then. His practice includes clinical & diagnostic cardiology, interventional cardiology, peripheral vascular diseases diagnosis & treatment, venous diseases diagnosis & treatment and device implants (including pacemakers, defibrillators, implantable loop recorders) & follow up. He is affiliated with Missouri Baptist Medical Center, St. Lukes Des Peres Hospital and Mercy Jefferson Hospital. He is also on staff at Iron County Medical Center and Redbud Regional Hospital.

Dr. Ahmad is active in community service and volunteers his time for different organizations. He He is the Founder and Medical Director of Salam Free Clinics. He is President of Biking4Books (a nonprofit which raises funds for books for St. Louis City schools) and Board Member of OBAT Helpers (a nonprofit committed to education, health and economic empowerment of displaced refugee population in camps of Bangladesh). He has participated in medical volunteer work in Pakistan.