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Pat Koppeis, FNP - Primary Care Provider - Iron County Medical Center

Patricia K. Koppeis, FNP-BC, has deep local roots and says she is excited to come out of retirement to provide quality care in the nicest community she has ever worked.
Pat is a graduate of UMSL, attending locally at Mineral Area College the first year the Nurse Practitioner program was offered, in 1999.

Pat has honed her skills and expertise in various healthcare settings. She spent five years at the Medical Arts Clinic, where she provided compassionate care to patients, and also worked part-time in the Emergency Room at Parkland Hospital in Farmington, further expanding her clinical knowledge and capabilities.

Pat’s connections to the local community run deep. She has previously worked alongside many of the current staff members, fostering strong relationships and a deep understanding of the healthcare needs of the area. Dr. Day and Pat have collaborated in the past, further enhancing the continuity of care for patients at ICMC Rural Health Clinic.

Her dedication to nursing extends beyond her professional roles. Pat has maintained close connections to the community, having worked as a Registered Nurse (RN) at the old hospital in the 1990s. Even after the hospital closed, she continued to serve the community for two decades at Farmington State Hospital before eventually retiring.

However, retirement did not keep Pat away from her passion for healthcare. When an opportunity arose at ICMC Rural Health Clinic, she eagerly embraced it, drawn by her desire to continue making a difference in the lives of patients and families in Iron County.

Throughout her career, Pat has been inspired by her mentor, JoAnn Franklin, the first Nurse Practitioner in the state of Missouri. JoAnn’s pioneering spirit and dedication to providing medical access to rural communities has left a lasting impact on Pat, shaping her own approach to healthcare delivery.

Pat said she always planned to retire from Iron County Hospital, so she is here enjoying the expert staff and familiar families.